Roberto Bosco  

Innovative Solutions for a New World of Smart Building Performance – The Path to Increased Energy Efficiency and Reduced GHG Emissions

The session starts with a description of the path towards reducing Greenhouse Gases emissions in order to meet Canada’s 2030-2050 targets. By accelerating the pace of innovation and upgrades to the heating and cooling equipment in buildings Canada can reduce and optimize the operating costs of new and existing buildings, while addressing emissions targets. Innovative technologies that can help achieve those targets will be illustrated and we’ll show how energy optimization for the lifecycle of the system helps avoid systems drift that erodes the potential benefits of newer technologies.

Thursday, October 19, 2023 - 10:15am to 11:00am 

Bio: Roberto Bosco is a Professional Engineer and has been a member of the ASHRAE Southern Alberta Chapter ever since 2013 when he moved to Canada from Europe. His career has developed for over 30 years in the pump business, particularly in the HVAC field, where he has worked for the major pump manufacturers. He has been working for 7 years for Armstrong, where he currently covers the role of Regional Sales Manager for Western Canada. He is married and has a wonderful daughter and spends most of his time for his job, but when he can he rushes to the gym or, when it is the season, enjoys an NFL football game

Presented by: Armstrong Fluid Technology

Demian Mendez

What’s Behind Your Test Kit Results

Attendees will gain a better understanding of how analog and digital backflow test kits measure by taking a look at the engineering and science behind their test equipment. We'll examine what makes up a test kit, cover best practices for maximizing the precision and accuracy of your measurements, and share tips to help you avoid costly repairs to your test kits.

Learning points:

*Review fundamentals of measurement science.*

*Compare and contrast mechanical analogue and electronic digital measurement systems.*

*Understand the importance of user actions in the capturing of field measurement values.*

Thursday, October 19, 2023 - 11:15am to 12:00pm 

Bio: Demian is the head of product developer at Arbiter inc. He has devoted his career to building "Tech for Techs". He has over 15 years of experience developing tools for field service technicians and is credited as an inventor on multiple patents. When he’s not developing tools, he enjoys working with them to build furniture in his garage wood shop.

Presented by:  Cameron Instruments Inc.

Martin Rego & Karl Fernandes

Heat Pump Water Heaters Optimal Solution for Decarbonization

What Decarbonization and do we know who the influencers are?

Residential & Commercial HVAC is facing a significant transformation that will impact the 21st Century and we need to prepare in advance to survive what’s ahead.

This seminar is intended for audiences to understand Canada’s goal in achieving Net Zero by 2050 and what we can do to be successful.

Thursday, October 19, 2023 - 12:15pm to 1:00pm 

Bio: Martin Rego - With over 30 years in the industry, Martin has been an advocate for the evolution of water and space conditioning products from conventional to high efficiency condensing to the transition to heat pump technologies.  As the Director of Product Management, he leads a team of Product Managers that introduce Air & Water technologies in support of Canada Net Zero goals.  He is equally engaged with government ministries & agencies, municipalities and end users to promote regulatory changes that mitigate global warming and climate change for the betterment of generations beyond.Martin has a degree in mechanical engineering and is a licensed Professional Engineer.

Presented by: Rheem Canada Ltd.

Bio: Karl Fernandes is the Senior Product Manager for Rheem Canada Ltd. for commercial and residential HVAC and hydronic heating systems and is the key liaison for Regulatory Affairs and Energy Star Canada.  He has worked closely with the global divisions of Rheem to continually launch new products into the Canadian market and optimize existing ones.   He has built his career in the manufacturing industry over the last 20 years in various advancing roles and has been with Rheem for the last eight years.   Karl has a Bachelor of Commerce Business Management degree from the Ted Rogers School of Management at Ryerson University and is a Certified 6 Sigma Quality Red Belt.

Presented by: Rheem Canada Ltd.

Fadi Basmaji

Let’s Talk Radon

Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas that emanates from the ground, easily moving through soil and bedrock, and potentially entering and accumulating to dangerous levels in homes and buildings. As radon breaks down, it forms radioactive particles that could get lodged into our lungs as we breathe. There is no definite way to determine, before construction, if a home or building will have high radon levels indoors. To implement radon provisions in new construction is an economically feasible and effective approach to address growing concerns of the health effects associated with long-term exposure to high radon levels. The 2015 National Building Code requires a Level-1: Rough-In to be installed in new construction, allowing for future radon mitigation systems to be connected to if post-occupancy testing show elevated levels of radon concentrations in indoor air. This rough-in is incomplete and is the bare minimum to address radon levels in a home or building. Radon mitigation is a life-safety application that can have severe consequences if inadequate products are used. In the absence of a performance standard  specific to radon mitigation products, acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, sewer pipe, and other polyvinyl chloride drain-waste-vent plumbing products are being used for radon mitigation.

Thursday, October 19, 2023 - 1:00pm to 1:45pm 

Bio: Fadi is a professional engineer with a Masters and Bachelors degree in Materials Science and Engineering from McMaster University. He is currently the Product Specialist at IPEX Inc., with a focus on Soil Gas Venting products/applications. He has almost a decade of experience spanning building products and envelope evaluations, product design and testing, and codes and standards involvement. In his current role, Fadi collaborates closely with engineers, contractors, building officials, and general public – to educate and raise awareness on the health effects of radon, radon abatement and mitigation methods

Presented by: Ipex .

Monte Kartchner

Integrated piping system (IPS) the “Affordable Green “hydronic heating and cooling system

A reduced cost 4-pipe system design manages the domestic water temperature to Fan coils as an “HVAC Fixture” reducing installed cost and improving comfort. Topics to be discussed include:

*IPS OnDemand an approach to decarbonization and Electrification.*
*Application is in buildings that already require extensive domestic water distribution as in Hotels, Dormitories, Condominiums, Assisted living, or Government housing.*
*The system concept may also be used to add heating or reheat to parts of buildings.*
*The major energy efficiency advantage is Central System versus packaged DX units*
*The design requires that the chiller plant be isolated from the domestic water according to code; only Btu’s transfer; not the water.*
*The Fan coils must be-NSF-61certified, have higher heat transfer capability, code approved valves, and must include a “purge” function to avoid dead legs and stagnation. (Legionella elimination)*
*A Domestic Cold Water Return (DCWR) must be added to the system and sized for the fan coil flow as is the hot water return (DHWR).*
*The domestic water supply temperature is either “economizer cooling” or “free GeoExchange” (no loop cost) – the entire build cooling load can be reclaimed.*
*Additional LEED opportunities include materials reduction, alternate materials, redundancy, CFC reduction, M&V, and “Green” technology in this innovative design.*

Thursday, October 19, 2023 - 2:00pm to 2:45pm 

Bio: Monte Kartchner has been in the HVAC industry in two countries for more than 25 years, and is currently the Director of Business Development Applied Products for Williams Comfort Products. With his extensive experience in working with manufacturers reps, mechanical contractors and engineers his passion lies in sharing his knowledge of HVAC systems, he can positively impact the engineering process in selecting a HVAC that will work best for the end users.  

This drive has led him to speaking with a wide variety of groups over the years, running full day hands-on training to short lecture-based learning sessions for reps, contractors, engineers and developers in the United States and Canada.

An energetic speaker who favor’s hands-on learning experiences, Monte focuses his workshop on practical ‘take-away’ skills or activities for immediate use by participants. Rather than focusing on past systems, Monte focuses on product enhancement and the latest in green technology. This makes it easier to integrate engaging but developmentally useful systems that engineers can be susceptible to using. 

Presented by: Williams