We want all CIPHEX West attendees and exhibitors to have a beneficial – and healthy – experience at the trade show. 

All exhibitor staff, visitors and event suppliers will be expected to adhere to health and safety guidelines. These guidelines are based on current expectations and may be revised as per public health guidelines. 

General Information and Guidelines

All aisles on both the Concourse and Floor level of the exhibition will be single-direction with signage to indicate which way traffic will flow. All exhibitors and visitors are asked to respect the signage. Visitors will be allowed to enter the show through the Concourse Level and will exit through the Floor Level.

The PNE and CIPHEX West Show Management will provide hand sanitizer stations throughout the building and trade show floors. If you see that a hand sanitizer station is empty or malfunctioning, please alert Show Management at the Show Office.

All visitors and exhibitors will be required to respect social distancing policies.

To assist with social distancing, visitors will be asked to register to attend on either Wednesday or Thursday. Please ensure you attend during your registered day. Admittance to the Show will not be allowed outside of your registered time frame.

The busiest time at the trade show has traditionally been during the first 3-4 hours each day, so if you wish to avoid crowds, we encourage you to consider attending during the afternoon.

Show hours have been extended on Wednesday, November 3rd by one extra hour to allow for even greater social distancing.

All exhibitors and visitors are required to wear masks covering their mouth and nose at all times while inside the Pacific Coliseum and to wash or sanitize their hands regularly.

Staff at the PNE will conduct thorough cleaning of washrooms and all public areas between registered event times. The show will completely shut down during the cleaning process and will re-open once complete. PNE Staff will use backpack sprayers and sani-wipes on high touch surfaces during event hours.

Public washroom capacities will be modified to accommodate social distancing.

Anyone who refuses to adhere to the public health guidelines will be escorted from the building by security.

CIPHEX West Show Management will require all visitors and exhibitors to agree to specific procedures for reporting illness during Show Hours. Before attending the show, all guests will be required to answer an online health check questionnaire.

CIPHEX West Senior Show Management members have completed a special “Pandemic On-Site Protocol Training” program for trade shows and conference to ensure that Show Management has the right information and resources to prepare for the health and safety requirements of our exhibitors and visitors at CIPHEX West 2021.

This new course, produced in by the Event Leadership Institute and MPI, is designed to provide all front and back of the house on-site event staff with the knowledge necessary to personally stay safe, guidance to identify and suppress risks, and skills to handle, mitigate and de-escalate non-compliance issues should they arise.

Learning Outcomes Include:

  • Best practices – beyond surface cleaning and sanitization – to put in place for on-site protocols, including guest logistics, screening mechanisms, staff briefings and trainings, and load in/load out
  • Guidance for evaluating and assessing site risk
  • Tips for pre-event prevention and on-site suppression,
  • Strategies to handle situational scenarios involving guests

CIPHEX West Show Management has taken the lessons learned in this course to ensure our show is as safe as possible for attendees and exhibitors.

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