CIPHEX WEST 2021 - Seminars & Workshops

All seminars and workshops are first come, first served. Please ensure you show up to your desired seminar early to guarentee your spot.

All seminars and workshops will take place in the CIPHEX Theatre on the trade show floor.

Wednesday, November 3, 2021

10:30 AM - 11:30 AM: Armstrong Fluid Technology presents
Next Generation Intelligent Pumping Technology and Its Evolution

This seminar will be focused on the evolution of pumping technology over the last years and superior performance that can guarantee high and higher energy savings. The presentation will include a history of the development of variable speed technology, explaining the efficiency improvements associated with each development step. There will be explanation of the evolution from induction motors running under variable frequency drives to the new integrated Electronically Commutated Motors with Permanent Magnet rotors. Also presented is the value and importance of best efficiency staging of pumps, followed by a description and explanation of the value of partial redundancy as a more cost-effective and efficient alternative to the traditional duty/standby configuration for pumps. The seminar will end with a discussion on lifetime operating cost savings through pump connectivity, analytics and on-board diagnostics.

12:00 PM - 1:00 PM: Canplas Industries presents
Fighting the FOG: An Overview of Grease Interceptors

FOG (Fat, Oils and Grease) is commonly found in the wastewater discharged as a result of commercial and institutional foodservice operations. This course discusses the adverse effects FOG has on the sanitary sewer system, the principles of operation of grease interceptors, and the industr requirements for an effective grease management system in commercial foodservice applications.

1:30 PM - 2:30 PM: Taco Comfort Solutions presents
Meeting the Needs of the Future: Air to Water Heat Pumps

In a world that is heating towards carbon neutral building technology, Air to Water Heat Pumps will be quite possibly the next big deal in hydronic comfort and domesic water system of the future. Discover how Air to Water Heat Pumps work, what their operating ranges and limits are and the applications that they are going to be used in.

3:00 PM - 4:00 PM: Uponor Ltd. presents
Managing Infrastructure Resiliency - The Role of Non-Metal Systems in Plumbing

The climate is changing, be it rainfall, snowloads, design temperatures, climatic zones, climate change can be split up in two topics: disaster management and infrastrcuture resilience. The first deals with the hardiness of design when faced with extreme climatic conditions, and survivability. The talk will touch on this using the High River case study. The second topic is a subtle design consideration as base and design climatic conditions change, are we catering to this and changing design of our buildings. Are we designing systems for buildings considering movement, usage and population demographic changes, seismis condition changes, energy efficiency, geotechnical conditions and new and emerging/modernized building materials. The talk will discuss changes we are seeing, what we are doing to cater to this in the codes and what designers and engineers can do today to address this.

4:30 PM - 5:30 PM: Canadian Hydronics Council presents
The Changing Landscape of Hydronics in Canada

Join our panel of experts at CIPHEX West to dive into a discussion on the changing landscape of Hydronics in Canada. As we look back at the last two years, the industry has faced many changes, there has been supply challenges and new product development. The panel will touch on how technology has changed the hydronics industry: smart thermostat, using technology to be more effective in business and the changes in codes and legislations. The panel will also speak on the City of Vancouver & Electrification.

Thursday, November 4, 2021

10:30 AM - 11:30 AM: Gripple Canada Inc. presents
Cable V. Threaded Rod for the Suspension and Bracing of Building Services

There is a growing trend across Canada for using cable hanging and bracing systems for the suspension and seismic supports of HVAC and MEP building services. In addition to significant time and labour savings that can be brought to a project, cable is a more environmentally friendly and aesthetically pleasing solution than threaded rod and has numerous health and safety benefits.

On time critical projects, using ready-to-use and pre-fabricated hanging and bracing systems can significantly reduce the number of working weeks on site with installation times reduced up to 85%. For every metre cable specified to replace threaded rod, an approximate saving of 1.2 KG of embodied CO2 is made meaning there can be up to a 95% reduction in embodied carbon. Cable systems also mean fewer components and less weight, reducing on-site storage and manual handling issues. One box of cable kits weighs just 21 lbs, with equipvalent amount of threaded rod weighing 496 lbs.

In this seminar, by using real-life project examples, building owners & clients, consultants & engineers, general contractors & sub-contractors will all be able to learn about the benefits that cable hanging, and bracing systems could bring to their next projects.

12:00 PM - 1:00 PM: Enercall Sales & Services presents
Air to Water Heat Pump - The Future of Heating is Now

Attendees will learn how an Air to Water Heat Pump system provides high efficiency solutions for low temperature radiant floor heating system. Attendees will take away a better understanding of how an air source heat pump coupled with a coaxial heat exchangers and integrated electrica boiler provide the ideal comfort solution for homeowners looking to future proof their heating systems for the Vancouver market and other climate regions

1:30 PM - 2:30 PM: TECA presents
Municipal Heat Pump Certification (MHPC)

For Hydronic Designers - This is a must have to utilize the new TECA heatpump drawings and design projects involving air-to-water to water-to-water heat pumps.

For Hydronic Installers - This is geat insight into the proper sizing, operation and logic of heat pumps when utilized in a hydronic heating or cooling system.

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