New Products 

The following new products are FINALISTS and WINNERS in the CIPHEX West 2016 New Product Competition.  See the products for yourself in the New Product Showcase at CIPHEX West.

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Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Alternative Energy Controls & Instrumentation
Heating & Ventilation Hydronic Heating Kitchen & Bath  
Plumbing & Piping Water Treatment


Air Conditioning & Refrigeration


TB Concept Inc.

Insuguard Multi 

Booth: 700

Insuguard’s revolutionary design allows for pipe movement within the support, thereby eliminating common problems related to traditional pipe saddles: rotation displacement and thermal insulation problems.


Sunrise Tradex Corp. - WINNER!

The Mini: Movable Split Air Conditioner

Booth: 213

8000 btu movable split air conditioner by ForestAir: unique in the market, the Mini is a movable split air conditioner (a 2-piece cooling system with 1 indoor unit and an outdoor condenser), making it the first mini-split to follow you everywhere.


Armstrong Fluid Technology

Vertical In-Line Retrofit

Booth: 619

The Vertical In-line (VIL) Retrofit to Design Envelope offer was designed specifically for customers with exiting Armstrong Fluid Technology constant speed VIL pumps. Customers can now retrofit their existing constant speed VIL pumps to state-of-the-art Design Envelope technology by Armstrong while keeping the casing and only replacing the moving parts and adding the requisite intelligence.

Alternative Energy


Viessmann Manufacturing Co. Inc. - WINNER!

Vitosol FM

Booth: 719

The Vitosol 100-FM / 200-FM series of collectors with ThermProtect, is the perfect addition to any heating system.  Viessmann’s patented ThermProtect technology switches the solar collectors off when they reach a specific temperature.  The ThermProtect absorber coating limits the collector’s maximum achievable temperature to 145oC (293oF).

Controls & Instrumentation


Spartan Peripheral Devices

6 Port Control Valve and Modulating Heat/Cool Variable Speed Fan Coil
Thermostat Combo for Condominiums.  
SV60112N1.2MS5320OE with a TE256

Booth: 823

6 port modulating control valve. Used for heating/cooling of a single coil and variable speed fan combined with a TE256 modulating P+I programmable room thermostat with adjustable min/max fan speed control.

Navien, Inc.


Booth: 107

Navilink™ is designed to support remote access for all Navien tankless water heaters (NPE series), combi-boilers (NCB series), and gas condensing boilers (NBH series) through the new NaviLink WI-FI control and mobile app.

Carlo Gavazzi (Canada) Inc.

RSWT - Soft Starter for "Centrifugal Pumps"

Booth: 609

The RSWT is a 3 phase Soft Starter with an integrated overload designed for starting and stopping “Centrifugal Pumps” up to 75 HP. Utilizing an advanced self-learning algorithm, the RSWT minimizes the starting current while reducing water hammering and cavitation. The RSWT is a very easy to use product – only 3 knobs to adjust: Start & Stop time, and Full Load Current (FLC) for overload protection.

Uponor Ltd.

Uponor Heat-Only Thermostat with Touchscreen

Booth: 824

Uponor launched its first-ever touchscreen radiant thermostat. The new Heat-Only with Touchscreen (A3100101) is designed for precise temperature control of residential hydronic radiant heating systems based on operative temperature sensing capabilities. The thermostat is sleek and aesthetically designed with a simple, intuitive touchscreen.

tekmar Control Systems (A Watts Brand) - WINNER!

WiFi Snow Melting Control 

Booth: 622

The WiFi Snow Melting Control 670 operates hydronic and electric heating equipment designed to melt snow and/or ice from roads and walkway surfaces.  The control works with a the Snow/Ice Sensor 090 to automatically detect snow or ice and operates a boiler, steam valve or electric cable to supply heat to the slab.  The tekmar Connect mobile app allows for remote operation from anywhere.




Heating & Ventilation

NTI (NY Thermal) - WINNER!

Combi Furnace (DHW/Forced Air)

Booth: 828

NTI is pleased to introduce the market’s first ever combi-furnace that integrates a warm air hydronic coil with an instantaneous water heater to provide the most efficient and most comfortable space heating and DHW available on the market today.

GREE Canada

Mega Heating VRF and Single Zone

Booth: 215

This is the most efficient VRF single zone system on the market; the best heating solution to replace traditional heating, electrical heater or gas furnace, built to withstand the cold North American climate and reduce energy costs.

Enercall Sales and Service


Booth: 536

Radostat - New smart device that continually measures Radon peaks and pilots the active ventilation system to change the air and get rid of Radon contaminated air through ventilation.

Enercall Sales and Service


Booth: 536

This is a short term (10-30 day) alpha trak Radon test device. It provides a high degree of accuracy and gives Radon averages over a short period of time.

Schwank Ltd.

SchwankAir 1000 Series Air Curtain

Booth: 343

The SchwankAir 1000 Series Air Curtain is perfect for retail applications. It creates an air seal over any doorway to keep conditioned air in, deter dust or insects, and prevent cold drafts. Available in 3, 4, and 6 foot models. Multiple units can be stacked together for larger door widths.

Security Chimneys International

Secure Stack Pro

Booth: 919

Security Chimney’s Secure Stack Pro series venting systems demonstrate our commitment to industry leading innovative product design. Secure Stack Pro provides significant benefits in cost, environmental quality, and energy efficiency. Low heat loss, maximum draft, and lowest clearance to combustibles assure proper ventilation of flue gases.

Hydronic Heating

Taco (Canada) Ltd.

007e EMC High-Efficiency Circulator

Booth: 713

The new 007e is a high-efficiency wet rotor circulator with a ECM motor technology. It’s everything you love about the 007 and ideal for hydronic systems zoned with circulators or zone valves. The 007e delivers the performance equivalent of the 007 plus the reliability and easy installation that made the 00® famous.

Emona Sales Ltd.

Ace Heating Solutions

Booth: 507

The Ace high-efficiency Liberty Series of boilers perform dependably and quietly, offering the most cost effective solutions for space heating and domestic hot water. Modular design, low emissions, advanced controls, and built-in lead-lag capability up to 8 units. Fully modulating up to 5:1 turndown.

Axiom Industries Ltd.


Booth: 626

BOILER “COMBUSTION SIDE” CLEANER removes even the most stubborn combustion residue from heat exchangers. Spray cleaner onto heat exchanger. Wait 20 minutes before brushing and rinsing. For aluminum heat exchangers apply AXI-THERM CLEAN F9B after the application of CLEAN F9A and subsequently rinse with plenty of water.

Laars Heating Systems


Booth: 737

The Mascot LX is an all-in-one space heating boiler and tankless water heater available in 7 sizes to meet home heating needs with the smallest capacity at 50 MBH. With ultra-high condensing efficiency and modulating operation, these quiet and compact units provide your home heating solutions.

WH Response (Enercall Sales and Service)

NextGen Boiler

Booth: 536

The NextGen Boiler is the most modern and complete electric boiler on the market today. This innovative appliance was designed for radiant floor heating that provides contractors with fast and easy installation and benefits the homeowner with aesthetically pleasing and reliable heat source.

RedZone Products Inc.

RedZone HVS High Velocity Air Handler

Booth: 833

The new RedZone HVS high velocity air handler's unique sloped top reduces air noise and easily attaches to 8" diameter duct. Our low-flow water technology, high velocity design reduces the need for 'priority' flow management.

Smith's Environmental  (Hyline Sales) - WINNER!

Silent Fin - Heating Edge 3 Perimeter Heating

Booth: 523

Single Pipe, Low Temp Water input, High Effiency BTU Output Perimeter Heating System. Easy to Install, Finger-Proof/Child-Proof Cover, More Heat/Less Space.

Emona Sales Ltd.

Sime Murelle HE 110R

Booth: 507

The Boiler with a Green Heart. Satisfy heating and DHW demands: from single family semi-detached homes to condos to commercial and industrial facilities, in equipment rooms, in thermal power plants or on the roof of buildings. Ranges in size from a single boiler at 399MBH to 2,394MBH in cascade.

Tamas Hydronic Systems Inc.

Tamas Snowmelt Panel (T-SM-HBX-100HX)

Booth: 834

The Tamas Snowmelt Panels are a safe, reliable alternative to manual snow and ice removal. HBX control systems provide efficient, real-time operation. Pre-engineered systems are calculated to maximize efficiency through heat exchanger sizing, system pump sizing, and can accommodate facilities requiring a maximum of 3 million BTUs.

Tamas Hydronic Systems Inc.

Tamas Standard Boiler Panel

Booth: 834

The Tamas Standard Boiler Panel features an all new, compact enclosure and is now one of the most economically viable distribution panels for boiler systems. This panel is available in configurations of up to 5 zones, and can be mounted horizontally or vertically depending on the requirements of the installation and customer preference.

tekmar Control Systems (A Watts Brand)

Zone Valve Control 306V

Booth: 622

Zone Valve Control 306V provides heat to hydronic heating systems by connecting as many as four thermostats and operating various zone valves. Designed to operate zone valves and a system pump, the control includes optional exercising and post-purge operation of domestic hot water tank, as well as RoomResponse™ technology for adjusting boiler target temperatures based upon thermostat on-time.

Viessmann Manufacturing Co. Inc.

Vitocrossal 300, CA3

Booth: 719

The fully-modulating pre-mix cylinder burners feature a wide modulation and combined burner turndown ratio of up to15:1, precisely matching the load to provide clean, quiet and environmentally friendly operation.  The 160 psi pressure rating allows for this unit to be installed in almost any building and comes fully assembled.

Kitchen & Bath

American Standard


Booth: 219

Keeping a clean and healthy home just got easier with the American Standard ActiClean toilet. ActiClean is a self-cleaning toilet with a safe but effective American Standard cleaning solution that cleans and removes stains with a simple press of a button. It features two cleaning cycles: Deep Clean and Quick Clean, and comes with a 9 week supply of cleaning solution (based on a usage of 1 Quick Clean and 1 Deep Clean per week). The result is a freshly scented, sparkling clean bowl!

Canplas Industries Ltd. - WINNER!

Adjustable Angle Bath Waste and Overflow

Booth: 437

A modern design for a simple bath waste and overflow installation. The overflow elbow allows up to 10 degrees of angle adjustment to provide ease of installation for misaligned pipes or angled tub walls, eliminating the need to install offset fittings. The modern faceplate simply snaps on, without the need of unsightly screws.


Annex™ Shower Rail System

Booth: 413

The new Annex™ Shower Rail allows homeowners to simply and stylishly add on a hand shower and slide bar to their existing shower plumbing - without tearing through a finished wall, delivering a better experience at a fraction of the cost.

American Standard

Beale Selectronic Hands-Free Pull Down Kitchen Faucet

Booth: 219

Delivering effortless wave-on/wave-off functionality, the Selectronic Beale faucet helps reduce the risk of cross-contamination in food preparation. The exclusive Selectronic proximity technology delivers dependable, touchless operation to improve hygiene, while also making it easy to access the faucet when the user’s hands are full or dirty.  The Beal Faucet has the unique option of switching to manual operation by simply sliding the moveable door to cover the sensor. The pull-down head offers a spray pattern, stream pattern and pause function. Available in Polished Chrome and Stainless Steel.

American Standard

Edgewater SelectFlo Pull Down Kitchen Faucet

Booth: 219

Ordinary food preparation and clean-up are a breeze, thanks to the American Standard exclusive SelectFlo patented spray technology. Users can efficiently manage any kitchen sink task by simply toggling down into spray mode and rotating the dial to select the desired spray pattern. The Edgewater pull-down and semi-pro kitchen faucets offer the following useful spray patterns: Stream, Jet, Spray, Mist and Pause. Optional scrub brush attachment also available. Offered in Polished Chrome and Stainless Steel.

Valley Acrylic

MEM Collection

Booth: 418

MEM is Valley’s premiere 2016 collection. Focused on bath products to suit many bathroom styles. This Coco Chanel inspired circular designed sink, faucet & furniture collection brings a classic aesthetic to your home

Valley Acrylic

Nova Freestanding Bathtub

Booth: 418

Nova is the newest in Valley’s family of freestanding bath options. Compatible with many styles of deck mounted faucets & jetting options, this Canadian-made Acrylic tub features a beveled angle design that has quality performance as its number one goal.



Booth: 110

Saniaccess2 is a powerful compact unit designated to handle wastewater from a toilet and a sink. This upflush toilet system can be installed in as little as a day and is ideal for residential applications including powder rooms and half bathrooms. The Saniaccess2 is reliable and virtually maintenance-free.

Plumbing & Piping

Uponor Ltd.

2 ½” and 3” Uponor PEX and PROPEX Fittings

Booth: 824

Uponor PEX pipe and PROPEX ASTM F1960 expansion fittings are now available in 2 ½” and 3” sizes, offering professionals the ability to design and install even more commercial plumbing and hydronic piping systems with PEX. The pipe offering, which includes Uponor AquaPEX for potable-plumbing applications and Wirsbo hePEX oxygen-barrier pipe for hydronic heating and cooling applications.


bronte QM Shower Drain System

Booth: 614

Introducing the QM Lagos Centre Point Shower Drain series and QM Delmar Centre Point and Linear Shower Drain Series from Bronte Collection.  Available in an assortment of sizes, styles and finishes.


bronte Serenity and Symphony Shower Drain System

Booth: 614

Introducing the Serenity and Symphony Shower Drain series from the Bronte Collection. A complete rough-in and trim shower drain program featuring round and square designs with slotted or perimeter style grate designs.  Available in today's popular finishes.

Oatey Canada SCS Co. - WINNER!

Clean Seal 2

Booth: 111

Trusted by the trade as the best in the business, Clean Seal 2 offers the ability to test the DWV system from the clean out tee. No longer fill a DWV system from the stack or use other complicated multi-piece products.

Masco Canada Limited (Delta Faucet)

DEMD-611LF Electronic Thermostatic Lavatory Faucet

Booth: 306

The DEMD-611LF Electronic Thermostatic Faucet features an integrated thermostatic mixing valve that prevents the water from exceeding 120°F (49°C), satisfying the temperature-limiting requirements of ASSE 1070.

Franklin Electric

Dual Seal Grinder Pump Series

Booth: 224

Franklin Electricès FPS Dual Deal Grinder Pump Series utilizes two mechanical seals, coupled with sensor probe and seal leak detection circuitryin the panel, to provide added pump protection and extended overall pump life. It efficiently pumps sewage slurries up to 130 feet and features a patented cutting system that grinds at 414,000 cuts per minute.

Mainline Backflow Products


Booth: 338

Our new Flush-Cap cleanouts fit inside DWV/SDR pipe (internally) which allows for a flush finish with any floor. There is no need for access boxes or an opening in the floor as the flush caps provide a sealed access point. Available in 4"/6" DWV (ABS/PVC) and 6" SDR.


Installation-Ready™ Fittings For Grooved Copper Tube

Booth: 601

Designed for grooved copper tube, Victaulic Installation-Ready™ fittings integrate Installation-Ready couplings into cast fitting housings at each connection point, resulting in faster and simpler piping system installation and maintenance, while improving safety and efficiency on job sites.

G.F. Thompson Co. Ltd.

IPS / Water-Tite MultiBox System

Booth: 325

The Multibox is the most versatile and robust washing machine outlet box on the market. It can be installed in multiple configurations, is available with various valve connections, with or without integrated hammer arrestors and is available in a fire rated version.

Eastern Foundry and Fitting

Lead Free Angled Ball Valve

Booth: 522

EFF’s new, patent pending, angled ball valves feature an integrated 90 degree connection at valve end that makes it ideal for residential water meter, boiler, storage tank, radiant baseboard, fan coil, rooftop unit and commercial water heater applications.

G.F. Thompson Co. Ltd.

Masters Combination Crimper

Booth: 325

Masters Combination Crimper crimps ½” & ¾” rings with one tool. Its compact offset design allows you to work in tight spaces without compromising the integrity of the crimp. It can be used with brass, copper and plastic fittings.

G.F. Thompson Co. Ltd.

Masters Soldersnake

Booth: 325

Masters Soldersnake is a hands free tool designed to protect walls, studs, floors and other surfaces from flames, sparks and abrasions that could occur during soldering. It is designed to clamp to any nearby substrate and bend into position protecting what’s behind it and reflecting heat forward.

Franke Kindred Canada Limited

Mediflo Hand Hygiene Sink

Booth: 519

Mediflo - the most advanced healthcare sink ever designed. Franke’s Mediflo sink transforms water into ozone - one of the world’s most powerful disinfectants. Mediflo provides the optimal way to wash hands for 99.9% effectiveness against harmful bacteria while transforming the task of hand washing into something wonderful.

Liberty Pumps

NightEye™ Wireless Enabled Products

Booth: 625

Liberty Pumps introduces NightEye™ wireless enabled products. The app and cloud-based system designed by Liberty Pumps allows internet connection of a pump via the home’s wireless router and provides alarm and other performance information to your mobile device.  There are no subscription or service fees for use of the NightEye™ system.

Oetiker, Inc.

Oetiker 1” PEXGrip® Clamp

Booth: 225

Oetiker’s Stainless Steel StepLess 1” Ear Clamp, with new PEXGrip Technology are preset and “grip” the tube for easier installation. PEXGrip clamps are easier to crimp and won’t slide down the tube providing a fast and secure PEX tube connection.

Oetiker, Inc.

Oetiker Radial Cutter HTC 500 l 418

Booth: 225

The Oetiker Radial Cutter provides straight and true cuts and will automatically adjust to fit any ½”, ¾”, or 1” PEX tube size which is inserted into the cutting chamber. Fast and easy to use in the field.

Bradford White Canada Inc.


Booth: 737

Bradford White’s high efficiency EF series residential power vent water heater represents a new level of product innovation. With thermal efficiency over 90% or higher hot water recovery than similar BTU/Hr input models, this residential water heater is the energy saving solution to high hot water demand in almost any home.

Riobel Inc.

Rough And Concrete Floor Installation Box For Freestanding Faucet

Booth: 212

The unique rough and concrete floor installation box for freestanding faucet can be installed in two easy steps.
First step consists of installing the box and PVC piping so that they go through the division and pouring the concrete, making sure the top of 
the box is level and even with the concrete floor.
Step 2: Simply remove the adhesive tape from the box and insert the rough on which you pre-installed the pipes. That’s all, that's fast and that's easy!



Booth: 319

Grundfos Scala2 is the only pump you will need for all domestic needs. It’s a water booster pump that delivers constant water pressure in all taps at all times. It’s compact, quiet, reliable and easy to install.

Morris Lee Ltd.

Stainless Steel Drainage Products

Booth: 628

Jay R. Smith Mfg. Co. manufactures a broad line of stainless steel drainage products designed for stringent health, safety and hygenic requirements. The products cover longevity and durability for wide applications such as healthcare facilities, breweries, commercial kitchens as well as processing plants.

Rinnai Corporation

The Rinnai Demand Duo Commercial Hybrid Water Heating System

Booth: 337

Rinnai's Demand Duo™ commercial hybrid water heating system is the smart choice when it is time to replace a standard tank. Our unique "best of both" system lets your business quickly and easily upgrade to a unit that offers an on-demand and continuous supply of hot water.

CB Supplies

VIPERT Potable And Radiant Tubing

Booth: 329

VIPERT performs like no other tubing in the market. Based on patented technology from The Dow Chemical Company, VIPERT provides increased flexibility, excellent hydrostatic strength at high temperatures, and relaxed memory for ease of installation. VIPERT is designed to perform as well or better than any other plastic tubing in the market today.


Liberty Pumps

X-Series Explosion Proof Pumps

Booth: 625

X-Series by Liberty Pumps are heavy cast iron sewage and effluent pumps designed specifically for use in hazardous locations.  The XFL and XLE-Series meet the standards required in hazardous locations and have been certified to Class 1, Division 1, Groups C & D and Class 1, Zone 1, Groups IIA and IIB.

Water Treatment


Canature WaterGroup

85 TA1" Series Commercial Water Softener

Booth: 424

Our 85 TA 1” (Twin Alternating) Series softeners provide up to 16.6 gpm of continuous soft water for 24 hours a day.  They are engineered and thoroughly tested to provide years of reliable, trouble free performance with minimal maintenance.


Canature WaterGroup

Aqua Flow Platinum

Booth: 424

Aqua Flo Platinum line of 3rd party certified, premium quality POU Filtration products offers dealers significant savings on a wide range of popular certified housings and cartridges when compared to other competitive certified products. The product line is an extension to the already popular Aqua Flo Valve Line.


Sinus North America

Fillsoft Zero

Booth: 829

Boiler manufacturers have high requirements for the water quality used in their hydronic heating systems. Particles of scale or corrosion affect the system performance negatively. Softening the fill water or even demineralizing it will help reach these requirements and will have a positive impact on the overall system performance.



Large Plastic Grease Interceptor - BIG MAX

Booth: 906

Large rotationally molded HDPE BIG MAX grease interceptor with lifetime warranty.  75 and 100 GPM flow rates available.

Seccua (Watertiger)


Booth: 237

The Räyn filter is a brand new point-of-use filter for legionella and other bacteria and parasite removal.  It will provide up to 99.99999% removal of bacteria and parasites from your shower or drinking water.  Common applications are senior care homes, hospitals, emergency eye wash stations/showers, etc.  No power required and easy filter changes from this German engineered POU filter.